$1,000,000 Settlement in Will Contest for Clients Disinherited Under Father's Will

posted on 11/7/2018 by Nathan Schroeder in Awards & Accolades

David Dutton and Nate Schroeder represented two brothers who were disinherited under their father's will that was submitted to probate. The two brothers were the only surviving children of their father. In fact, the two brother's had been disinherited under their father's prior wills as well.

We filed a will contest action on behalf of our clients seeking to set aside their father's will on the basis that their father lacked testamentary capacity and that their father had a fixed false belief that his children were not his biological children despite having no basis for the belief. There was also evidence that their father believed one of his sons had attempted to kill him telepathically. 

The weekend before trial a settlement was reached that provided our clients would receive 75% of their father's estate. As such, our two clients went from receiving nothing under their father's will to receiving over $1,000,000 pursuant to the settlement agreement.

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