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DBSH Attorneys Chad Swanson and Nate Schroeder Successful on Appeal

posted on 7/27/2016 by Nathan Schroeder in Press Releases

On July 27, 2016, the Iowa Court of Appeals issued a decision affirming district court ruling in favor of the plaintiff, who was represented by DBSH attorneys Chad Swanson and Nate Schroeder. The plaintiff, as a shareholder of a family farm corporation, brought a derivative action on behalf of the corporation under Iowa Code section 490 seeking to collect unpaid loans and rent from the defendant. The district court found defendant owed $462,581.70 to the corporation for unpaid loans and rent. In addition, the district court awarded the plaintiff $90,000 in attorney fees.  The Iowa Court of Appeals affirmed the district court ruling, holding the plaintiff properly brought the derivative action as a shareholder of the corporation and affirming that an award of attorney fees was proper in shareholder derivative actions.

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