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David Dutton Presents at Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers Seminar

posted on 2/24/2017 by David Dutton in Press Releases

Dave Dutton presented at the 2017 Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers Annual Seminar on "Being a Trial Lawyer." Dave Dutton served as President of the  Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers in 1991 and currently serves as an At-Large Board Member. 

Membership in the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers is by invitation only, upon sponsorship and recommendation from peers and judges and unanimous approval by the Board of Governors. Membership is limited to 250 attorneys who have displayed exceptional skills and the highest integrity, and who have dedicated their professional lives primarily to trial practice.

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About The Author

Dave Dutton is a Trial Lawyer. His career began in 1960, handling tort and commercial cases. He served as prosecuting attorney for Black Hawk County from 1969 to 1975 and continued handling murder cases on a state-wide basis until 1981. His trial practice continues with a wide variety of civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts, as well as proceedings before state and local administrative bodies.

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