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Commercial Litigation

Legal Disputes Involving One or More Businesses

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Commercial disputes involving issues of contract interpretation, regulatory compliance, unfair competition, and agreements among business partners are an inescapable part of business operation. The Dutton Law Firm brings to these cases the sophisticated capabilities associated with large firms, with the competitive advantage that comes from lawyers who work closely with their clients on creative approaches to trial strategy.

Complex Commercial Litigation Experience

Our lawyers have both the experience and resources to meet the complex litigation needs of large national corporations, as well as those of small to mid-sized companies and individuals, from pre-litigation negotiation through appeal. We handle all types of commercial disputes, including many mentioned in other of our practice area descriptions. Here we mention only several of the areas and cases not included in other practice areas in which we focus:

We represent businesses and individuals in a variety of real estate and construction litigation, in matters ranging from eviction and lease disputes to construction and work defect claims. We apply our substantial experience in the mediation and arbitration of disputes involving claims over cost, design error and project management.

We are experienced in disputes over non-compete agreement that often pit employers against each other, particularly where valuable trade secrets are involved. We have handled litigation representing both employees and employers, and are skilled at securing and resisting TROs and permanent injunctions to protect valuable interests in either type of case. We handle matters involving breach of fiduciary duty claims, as well as related claims based on unfair competition and common law misappropriation.

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