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Professional Malpractice

Lawsuits Involving Damages Caused by the Negligence of a Professional

Professional Malpractice Attorneys

Our professional malpractice attorneys litigate cases in which a lawyer, insurance agent, or other licensed professional has fallen below the reasonable standard expected of competent professionals in the same field, resulting in damage to the client. Proving professional malpractice can be difficult, as the laws regarding professional malpractice are complicated and often require expert testimony from another professional licensed in the same specialty. To successfully resolve these types of cases, it takes an experienced professional malpractice attorney.

Legal Malpractice in Iowa

The evaluation of a legal malpractice case in the beginning is crucial. While a client may not have received the result he or she was hoping for, that is not the only evidence required to establish legal malpractice. The case for malpractice must establish that the result of your legal case or advice would have been different had your attorney handled your case or given advice according to a recognized standard of competence or with greater diligence.

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